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Henge Docks Clique Dock for Apple Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard

Smartly unite Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into a single, streamlined unit. Why is it called the Clique? You simply click in your Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, and allows you to click your Trackpad!


The Clique's minimalist form gives the combined Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad the factory-direct look and feel of a single device.

Clique’s full tray design allows the Magic Trackpad to retain full functionality on both a desktop surface and in the user’s lap, and with Clique’s external power buttons there is no need to remove the keyboard or trackpad to access their power switches.


Clique’s one-piece chassis aligns perfectly with the aluminum structure of the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, combining them into a single sturdy unit that is easy to move around. The glossy white finish and light grey accents of the Clique blend seamlessly with the keyboard and trackpad. External power buttons enable the user to turn the keyboard and trackpad off without the need to remove them from the dock.



  • Weight .16 kg/.35 lbs
  • Length 42.5 cm/16.7 in
  • Width 14.0 cm/5.5 in
  • Height 1.5 cm/.59 in
  • Included in box: Clique Dock
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