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Patchworks ITG Silicate Aluminium Glass For iPhone 6/6s Plus

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Maximum Strength. Patchworks ITG Silicate tempered glass screen protector is made with Alumino-Silicate glass which is 40~60% stronger than normal tempered glass screen protector in terms of bending and impact resistant. Also due to its unique property ITG silicate gives you highest transparency among any glasses. Simply made with strongest and clearest available.


Strongest Glass
ITG Silicate is made with alkali-aluminosilicate glass which is
60% stronger than normal tempered glass and considered to
be the strongest glass available.
Scratch Resistant
Guaranteed 9H Surface hardness(Lab tested).
ITG SIlicates hardness is 3 times higher than
regular PET screen protectors. It is almost
impossible to make scratches on the surface,
even using sharp objects such as knives.
Super Coating
ITG Silicate is applied with the highest level of coating
for ultra smooth glass surface. All ITG series is processed
with air vacuum dry type anti-fingerprint coating. It is
considered to be the highest level coating technology
available. You will simply notice once you experience ITG.
Original Touch Feeling
ITG Silicate Tempered Glass does not affect touch
screen’s sensitivity.


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